The organizers of the festival, who are preparing for the 28th Blues Nights, today reveal even more of the festival’s names, including the performance of Jack Moore, the son of British music legend Garry Moore, and the return of Ben Poole, the world’s best blues guitarist, and Aleksandr Belkin, Sherman Tan. and White Kiro’s spree on the big stage of the festival!
Ben Poole, a guitarist and songwriter and singer from the United Kingdom of blues rock and soul music, stood on the big stage of the blues for the first time in 2019, during the rain and wondered how the festival visitors in any weather in any special mood: “This audience is incredible! It’s a festival here, you’re just fantastic, ”Ben Poole shared his impressions a few years ago, just off the stage. The musician, who returns to the festival a few years later, has managed to become internationally acclaimed during this period, earning various awards and even being nominated as one of the best blues guitarists in the world, among names such as Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Buddy Gay – Guitar World Magazine awards. Starting his musical career at the age of 16, playing in local blues clubs in the UK, Ben Poole has been recognized by both music critics and famous musicians and has even had the honor of being featured on the cover of Total Guitar Magazine / Music Radar, one of Europe’s best-selling magazines. But covers, covers, the most important thing, how Ben Poole not only sounds on the record, but also live, and his inflammatory performance, will be available on the first weekend of July, in Varniai, near Lūkukas!

Another equally important name of the festival is the son of the legendary guitarist Gary Moore – Jack Moore, who will appear at the festival with a project – Gary Moore Tribute band feat. Jack Moore! Jack Moore is a young and very talented guitarist and composer whose love for music, traveling to concerts and festivals, is grafted by his dad. He has toured with Otis Taylor, performed at the Royal Albert Hall, and has given the band warm-up concerts with names such as Joe Bonamassa and Deep Purple. Jack Moore often plays with the band and implements his own musical projects. This time, Jack Moore will come to the Blues Nights Festival with a group from Poland, including one of the most prominent and charismatic Polish musicians, bassist and composer Łukasz Gorczyca. Dominik, guitar – Bogdan Topolski.

The festival, which will take place for the 28th time, is unimaginable without the performance of the author of the festival’s anthem, Aleksandr Belkin, during which various musical collaborations usually take place. This year, Aleksandr Belkin and his band will appear on the festival stage together with a guest from Malaysia, who has been living and creating in Lithuania for many years – Sherman Tan! And another, no less longing and welcome on the big stage of the festival – Baltasis Kiras, who has repeatedly said that this festival is about miracles, about the most intimate relationship between music and the listener and about friendship! Filled with such moods, one can and will expect Tautvydas Paulius Augustinas and the team to perform at the festival.

Bands such as Arina & Veto Bank, Flash Voyage, Garbanotas, Kamanių Šilelis, Domantas Razauskas with the group Vos Vos and Kedrostuburas will also perform at the legendary music festival Blues Nights.
Even more performers and festival news coming soon!
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