On the first weekend of July, the unique music festival “Bliuzo naktys”, which will be waiting for festival visitors for the 29th time, will meet not only live music lovers, but also two blues queens! Performances at the festival will be organized by the Lithuanian blues queens who perform here every year – Arina & Veto Bank, and the blues star who will perform for the first time in the blues – Juwana Jenkins, who is also titled as the blues queen!
Juwana Jenkins stands out for her fiery and energetic performances, where she captivates the audience with her own lyrics and original music. This African-American singer, songwriter and performer from Philadelphia will present both her own work and classic hits of blues, soul, gospel, pop and even funk music at the “Bliuzo naktys” festival.

Juwana Jenkins is called not only the queen of the blues, but also the best export of Philadelphia music to Europe! Currently, Juwana lives in the Czech capital, Prague, but performs in Europe, the USA, and Asia. In her 20-year musical career, Juwana Jenkins has worked with respected and award-winning producers, and as a charismatic and highly dynamic vocalist, she has been featured in bands such as Tonny’s Blues Band, Murphy Band, and more. The work of this blues star with the famous harmonica player Charlie Slavik was also widely appreciated, and the track “The Blues Keeps You Alive” received special attention from music critics and earned Juwana the title of Queen of the Blues!


At the “Bliuzo naktys” festival, the blues queen Juwana Jenkins will be assisted on stage by the already well known rock and roll group from Latvia – “KEKSI”, which promises to combine Juwana Jenkins’ vocal blues journey through America with unparalleled energy and professional music performance!
The festival program is also filled with the band “Homechestra”, who will perform for the first time at this festival, and who will soon present their second album “Habits” to the audience.
“You will be able to hear many different stories – about a spider, inner beauty procedures, the sea, nostalgia, losses, discoveries, about the desire to help others, about hiding from yourself and others, about beauty and sadness, love for everyone and everything”, – about what is possible expect when hearing Homechestra for the first time at the festival, the band says.

Gamka, who recently presented his second album “Uraganas” to the public, will perform as a solo artist for the first time at the festival. Germanas Daškevičius – Gamkai is very familiar with the “Blues Nights” festival, because since 2018 he has appeared there almost every year with the group “Flash Voyage”.

At the “Bliuzo naktys” festival, Lukas Pilkauskas, who has been in the Lithuanian music scene for a couple of years, will give his second performance! Having started his activity with songs about gardens and peace, the musician continues his creative journey, exploring various themes and subtexts, which you will soon hear about at the “Blues Nights” festival! “I am returning to the blues for the second time and I will have a lot of fun sharing my music with the festival visitors this year as well!” – says Lukas.

On July 7-8, with newly announced music names, music star from Australia – Lachy Doley, legendary Latvians “Latvian Blues Band” and names well known to festival fans: “Garbanots”, “Baltasis Kiras”, “Kamanių Šilelis”, “Flash”. Voyage”, “Freestarz” and many other names, in Varniai, near Lake Lūkstas! All festival news and the upcoming program: bliuzonaktys.lt