About the Festival

“Bliuzo Naktys” is the oldest open-air summer music festival in Lithuania. The sounds of guitar, harmonica, drums, saxophone and other instruments, together with strong vocals, invite the visitors to listen to the real blues at least once a year, and also, spend some quality time with the loved ones in a beautiful country-side of Varniai.

The festival welcomes not only the Lithuanian musicians, but also bands from all over the world: USA, UK, Denmark, the Baltic States, etc. What usually happens is that the guests and artists don‘t want to leave the festival territory, simply because of its amazing atmosphere.

A lot of visitors of “Bliuzo Naktys” consider coming to this festival together with their family and friends as every-year-tradition. This festival may be called as a Lithuanian version of the legendary festival ‘Woodstock’: hippy atmosphere, relaxed visitors, and the feeling of peace and love, floating in the air, makes everyone feel like one big and happy family.

In 2012, the festival, which was first held in 1989, celebrated its 20th anniversary. Although it is growing and attracting more musicians, and organizers of entertainment every year, it remains faithful to its oldest traditions: the “bluessoup”, a traditional fish soup, is offered to the hungry bellies, and, every year, while singing the festival’s anthem, light installation with the name of “Bliuzo Naktys” is set off in the middle of Lūkstas lake. These are only a few examples, but if you asked the loyal visitors of this festival, you would hear unforgettable stories about the yearly preparation to go to the festival: starting from hand made flags and finishing with the self-made boats.

“Bliuzo Naktys” is held in Telšiai district, Varniai countryside, on the shore of the beautiful lake Lūkstas, every first weekend of July.

“Bliuzo Naktys” festival atendees:

2023 – Lachy Doley (AU), Juwana Jenkins (US), Keksi (LV), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Garbanotas (LT), Baltasis Kitas (LT), Kamanių Šilelis (LT), Aleksandr Belkin & The Road Band (LT), Freestarz (LT), Gamka (LT), Lukas Pilkauskas (LT), Homechestra (LT), Sirupas (LT), Mantville (LT), Sailor George (LT)

2022 – Ben Poole (UK), Gary Moore tribute band feat. Jack Moore (UK/PL), Sherman Tan & Aleksandr Belkin (MY/LT), Bite’s Blues Band (LV), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Garbanotas (LT), Baltasis Kiras (LT), Kamanių šilelis (LT), Alina Orlova (LT), Flash Voyage (LT), Domantas Razauskas ir grupė (LT), Gabrielė Vilkickytė (LT), Kedrostuburas (LT), Freestarz (LT), Lukas Pilkauskas (LT), Mantas Varnas (LT), Hillbillies with Guns (LT)

2019 – Eric Gales (US), Eugene Hideaway Bridges (US) & Keksi (LV), Ben Poole (UK), Black River Delta (SE), Arina (LT), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Garbanotas (LT), Deidrey Francois (CA) & The ROAD BAND (LT), BALTASIS KIRAS (LT), Domantas Razauskas ir Grupė VOS VOS (LT), VERY COOL PEOPLE (LV), Keegan McInroe (US) & Aleksandr Belkin (LT), Flash Voyage (LT), Freestarz (Jama/Banginis/ DJ Mamania) (LT), Pilnatys (LT), Rakija Klezmer Orkestar (LT), Elnio Rago Miškas (LT), Impro241 (LT), Laime Pilnīga (LV), Chalat Jazz (LT), Spoonful of Jiggy (LT), fenomenologija (LT)

2018 – Sugaray Rayford (US), Boney Fields & Bite’s Blues Band (US/LV), Erja Lyttinen (FI), Vanesa Harbek Band (AR), Bex Marshall (UK), The Ragtime Rumours (NL), Coolmans Report (LV), Arina & Veto bank (LT), Lietuvos bliuzo orkestras (LT), Baltasis Kiras (LT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT), Domantas Razauskas Trio (LT), Flash Voyage (LT), The Swing Cats (LT), jauti (LT), Rakija Klezmer Orkestar (LT), Sẽni (LT), Elnio Rago Miškas (LT), Giedrė ir Juozapas (LT), Poezijos medžiotojai (LT), Paulius Budrys (LT), LitRoll (LT), The Good Time Boys (LT), Daumantas Lukošiūnas (LT), Marius Libas (LT), BluesBerries (LT), Kristijonas Ribaitis (LT).

2017 – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band (US), TANEL PADAR BLUES BAND (EE), Coolmans Report (LV), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Kris Barras Band (UK), Matt Tedder (US) ft. Keegan Mcinroe (US) & Aleksandr Belkin (LT), Lietuvos Bliuzo Orkestras (LT), Gregory Boyd (US), BIX – Akli kariai (LT), Marco Pandolfi (IT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT), BALTASIS KIRAS (LT), GONSOFUS (SK), Mood Sellers (LT), Argo Vals Band (EE), ARBATA (LT), migloko• (LT), Hill Top Sheep (LT), Martin Wall (LT), DJ ALKO & Friends (LT)

2016 – Earl Thomas (US), Shanna Waterstown (US), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Kig Colling (LU), Brian Kramer (US), Coolmans Report (LV), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Baltasis Kiras (LT), Kontrabanda (LT), Jama & W (LT), Cathouse Radio (EE), The Road Band (LT), Charlotte Carpenter (UK), Mood Sellers Band (LT), Laime Pilniga (LV), Jutas & Bukartas Shot Band (LT), Wolfsome (LT), Sirupas (LT), Arklio Galia (LT), Such’a’trip (LT), Abudu (LT), DJ Alko (LT).

2015 Steve’n’Seagulls Band (FI), Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers (US), Justina Lee Brown (NG), Jusper Munk (DE), R’n’R Keksi & Orchestra (LV), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT), Baltasis Kiras (LT), The Pink Elephant (LV), Mood Sellers Band (LT), Keegan Mcinroe (US) & A. Belkin (LT), Šarūnas Petrutis (LT), The Road Band(LT), Movo (LT), Sakai (LT), Midnight Special (LT), Artūras Dubaka (LT), Justė Kazakevičiūtė (LT).

2014 – The Steven Seagal Blues Band (US), Angela Brown (US), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Nikki Buzz & Dr. Blues Soul Revision (US/PL), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Kontrabanda (LT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT), The Cathouse Radio (EE), Giedre & Blues Band (LT), Blues Makers ft. Mild Blue (LT), The Road Band (LT), Baltasis Kiras (LT), Neteisėtai Padaryti (LT), Mood Sellers Band (LT), Jutas & Bukartas Acoustic Duo, Pilnatys (LT).

2013 – The Dana Fuchs Band (US), Oli Brown (UK), Alvon Johnson Blues Band (US/PL), Pete Brown and Krissy Matthews Band (UK/PL) , Landy (USA) & Hilda Blues Band, Latvian Blues Band (LV), Arina & Veto Bank (LT), Mirramaze (NO), Hard Times (PL), Coolman’s Report(LV), Double Harp Attack (LT), ZZ Top (LT), A.Belkin (LT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT), Baltasis Kiras (LT), Ai Šeip Bičiukai (LT).

2012 – Boney Fields & The Bone’s Project (US), John Mooney & Bluesiana (US), Innes Sibun (UK), Krissy Matthews Band (UK /PL), Copenhagen Slim (DE), Yolanda Bush (US) & The Road Band (LT), Arina (LT), Hoodoo Band (PL), Coolmans Report (LV), Bbb (LV), Dramamma (EE), Blues Makers (LT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT), Gin Gas (LT), Movo (LT).

2011 – Eric Sardinas (LT), Blues Caravan (US/UK), Latvian Blues Band (LV), King Lion & The Blues Makers (US/LT/PL), BATON ROUGE (IT), Bert Deiver (SW), Arina (LT), 24 Pesos (UK), Louie Fontaine (DK), The Road Band (LT), Bert Deivert (SW), Crybaby (EE), Fortress (LV), Ai Šiaip Bičiukai (LT), Kiauras Kibiras (LT), Garbanotas Bosistas (LT).

2010 – Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King (US), Billy Gibson, JT.Lauritsen & The Buckshot hunters (US/NO), Nina Van Horn (FR), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Keksi (LV),  Arina (LT), Jimmie Bluesman Lawson & Crossfire(US/EE), Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder (DE), Boogie Boys (PL), Brian Cober (CA), Blues Makers A tribute to Muddy Waters (LT), The Road Band (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), Šv. Sodas (LT).

2009 – Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers (US), Blues Caravan (UK), The Cadillac Kings (UK), Tina Lee (NO), ARINA (LT), The Road Band (LT),  Kontrobanda (LT), Aleksandr Belkin (LT), Lester Kidson Power Trio (CAN/PL), The Jumping Cats (RU), Latvian Blues Band (LV), The Blues Makers (LT), Romek Puchowski (PL),  L. R. Phoenix & Mr. Mo‘Hell (USA), Amarai (LT).

2008 – Paul Lamb &The King Snakes (UK), Tad Robinson (US), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Khaliff “Wailin” Walter (US), Jostein Forsberg (NO), Lances Harrison (US), Sidetrack (NO), Alex Rossi (BR/PL), Bullfrog Brown (EE), The Road Band (LT), Blues Makers (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Mirta Acoustic Trio (LV), Bites Blues Band (LV), A.Belkin Acoustic Trio (LT).

2007 – Howard And The White Boys (US), Big James (US), Billy „Harp“ Hamilton (US/CA/ PL), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Blues Makers (LT), Dov Hammer (ISR), G. Klimka (LT), Hotland (SWE), Kreivas.Lt (LT), Mike Westhues (US), Road Band (LT), The Real Deal (EE), The Soul Hustlers (US/FIN), V. Jutas Acoustic Trio (LT).

2006 – Big Joe Turner & Memphis Blues Caravan (US), Wheatbread Johnson (US), U. Pasanen Band (Suomija), Dave Ellis (US), Lester Kidson & The Blues Lovers (CA/PL), Latvian Blues Band (LV), The Booze Brothers (SWE), Arina ir Veto Bank (LT), Road Band (LT), Blues Makers (LT), Tribute to Tina Turner (EE).

2005 – Eugene Bridges (UK), Griff Hamlin (US), Arina (LT), Bullfrog Brown (EE), Blueszcz (PL), Keksi (LV), The Road Band (LT), Blues Makers (LT), Blues Gang (LV), Mutabor (LT), Slam (LT).

2004 – Sherman Robertson (US), Wheatbread Jhonson (US), King Lion (US), Chip Jordan (US), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Mirta & Hot Acoustic (LV), Shiver Blues Band (PL), Terraplane (PL), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Bliuzo Katinai (LT), Road Band (LT), Blues Makers (LT).

2003 – Jimmi Lawson (US), Gary Lowell (US), Tortilla Flat (PL), The Bluesyard (EE), Keksi (LV), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Kauno Bigbendas (LT), Cadilac Blues (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Dreams (LT), Road Band (LT), Blues Makers (LT).

2002 – Maria Saovska (PL), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Driving South (LV), Road Band (LT), King Lion ir Blues Makers (DK-LT), Arina ir Veto Bank (LT), Mirta (LV), Saulės Kliošas (LV), O.K. (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT).

2001 – Road Band (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Nigth Come (PL), Latvian Blues Band (LV), Hot Dogs (LV), O.K. (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), Dreams, Driving South (LV), Tobasco (LT), Front (LT), Mirta (LV), Ac/Dc Projektas (LT).

2000 – James Lawson (US), Mirta & Hot Acoustic (LV), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), R. Čivilytė, Č. Gabalis D. Silevičiūtė (LT), Driving South (LV), Road Band (LT), Blues Makers (LT), Dream (LT), Doudi Jazz Band (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), Tabasco (LT), Pygly Wygly (LV).

1999 – O.K. (LT), Neda Ir Scream (LT), Road Band (LT), Vertigo.Ab (LT), Doudi Jazz Band (LT), Riche Mack Band, Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Omi (LT), Dr. Bormenthol (LV), Kasia Karasek Ir Funktet (PL), Mirta & Hot Acoustics (LV), Rebelheart (LT).

1998 – Beach Blues Band (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Okay (LT), Blues Makers (LT), Road Band (LT), Egidijus Sipavičius ir “Tėtė Šoka Bugi” (LT), Dr. Bormenthol (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), S. Daugirdas ir A. Belkin (LT), Still, Omi (LV).

1997 – Blues Makers (LT), Okay (LT), Road Band (LT), Stasys Daugirdas ir Aleksandras Belkinas (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Žolė (LT), Giedrius Klimka ir Grupė Iš Šiiaulių (LT), Dr. Bormenthol (LV), Senas Kuinas (LT), Egidijus Sipavičius ir „Tėtė Šoka Bugi“ (LT).

1996 – Empty (LT) , Žolė (LT), F.A.K.S (LT)., Tarantulą (LT), Road Band (LT), Giedrius Klimka (LT), Okay (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), Rebelheart (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Dr. Bormenthol (Ex Odis – LV).

1995 – Rebelheart (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), Okay (LT), Road Band (LT), F.A.K.S (LT)., Giedrius Klimka (LT), Grindys (LT), Meskalito (LT).

1994 – Okay (LT), Road Band (LT), Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT).

1993 – Arina Ir Veto Bank (LT), Senas Kuinas (LT), Druska ir Cukrus (LT), Orkus (LT).