The festival surrounded by legends – “Blues Nights” is starting to announce its first names!

Surrounded by legends, one of the first open-air festivals will take place in Varniai near Lake Lūkstas for the 28th time, annually attracting the first musical names to the Blues Nights Festival today!
“After a two-year break, we are coming back and we believe that everyone who has been to the festival at least once will have a good opportunity to return to it, and those who have never been there, be sure to visit. Of course, the musical energy of this year’s festival will be exceptional! It was hoped that this summer the festival would be full not only of the sounds of blues music, but also of the widest possible range of music, which is close to the blues and the mood of the festival itself, so the musical names announced today perfectly reflect that! “, Says the festival’s producer Algirdas Barniškis – Blėka.
The musical mood of the festival will be created by the exclusive names of the Lithuanian music scene. One of them – for the first time at the Blues Nights festival – a minimalist, rhythmic and gently psychedelic, indie-folk duo – Kamanių šilelis. During the 10th anniversary of its existence, this duo has gathered a large number of Lithuanian listeners, the duo uses traditional instruments from near and far countries in their recordings and live performances, and sometimes their everyday objects become their instruments. The subtle shades of Kamanių šilelis are complemented by electronics, meditative themes, dirty guitar sounds and synthesizers, and the music of the constantly changing and searching group attracts a diverse audience, just like the audience of the Blues Nights festival.

Another equally important musical name for the festival, which has appeared twice in Varniai, near Lake Lūkstas, is introducing itself as “your favorite band of your girlfriend” – those who play rock music with retro and psychedelic spice – “Flash Voyage”! In 2021, the group Flash Voyage released a mini-album, “Warmth, Forgotten”, which, thanks to Lithuanian texts, tells about feelings and fantasies intertwined with reality, revealing that everything can be completely different than you have dreamed of all your life and emphasizing how important it is. not to put your feelings and attitudes into a frame. The band is currently working on the release and release of their third album, which seeks to respond to the war and the global tensions surrounding it, which are forcing us to estimate the cost of personal freedom.

The group that returns to it – “Garbanotas” – will also present their latest creations at the festival. Somewhere between Supergrass, The Stone Roses and The Big Lebowski, the sounds of their music drift around the best parts of the seventies, eighties and nineties, floating through hippie California, inviting you to immerse yourself in the same dream you probably won’t want to wake up to. Having been in the blues at least once during the “Curly” show, he knows this well and it doesn’t even matter if the show takes place during the day or in the evening, the festival crowd is sure to immerse themselves in the authentic sounds of music.

On July 1-2, the festival “Blues Nights” will not forget its traditions, and one of them, without which the festival itself is unimaginable – titled the queen of the blues – Arina! Arina’s image at the festival changes every year, but the voice, manner and character are always the same. And here, no matter what age the audience gathers at the main stage of the festival, Arina and the group Veto Bank prove every year that without them the festival would not be what it is.

For the first time at the festival, listeners will be greeted by an alternative rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz or simply sea wave band, Kedrostubùras, which released their second album NUX LUX in 2021 and is increasingly playing with music styles, sounds and lyrics.
(18) Kedrostubùras – Jaupo10 (feat. Antoni Silvestrovič & JakaTeka) (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube
Domantas Razauskas will return to the festival with the whole group “Vos Vos”, who tested the big stage of the festival with the whole group a few years ago, presenting a modern blues and rock album at the festival, which was named “VOS VOS”. This year, the festival will once again offer improvisation and peace and space, poetically mysterious texts by Domantas and clear blues arrangements!

The traditions of the Blues Nights festival, new discoveries, sounds all night long, nature, friends nearby are just a few of the key words without which this music festival is unimaginable. All you need now is to mark July 1-2 on the calendar and clearly buy a ticket – and summer will come soon!