The international music festival “Blues Nights”, which will take place this summer, traditionally on the first weekend of July, has already revealed a little earlier that the blues star from Australia – Lachy Doley – will perform there, and today they are announcing even more musical names!
In just over a decade, the band “Garbanotas” has become an important and influential part of the Lithuanian music scene in Lithuania. A part without which the Blues Nights festival is unimaginable! The band’s work is described as a multi-layered mixture of rock, blues and psychedelic rock, which undoubtedly sounds spectacularly near Lake Lūksta almost every summer. At the beginning of 2023, the latest album of the group “Garbanots” – “Kūnas dangaus” – was released, which already managed to attract a lot of attention from listeners and music professionals during the first days of its release. We have no doubt that performing the works of this album will attract a lot of attention from the festival participants as well!
Another group, without whom this festival is also unimaginable, is a living legend, and sometimes called a phenomenon, “BALTASIS KIRAS”. “There is not much to say here, you just need to come and see live how we will ignite the most serious groove in the blues universe on stage!”, he says little, but Tautvydas Paulius Augustinas invites you to come to the “Blues Nights” festival.
At the legendary festival in Varniai, the legendary Latvian blues band – “Latvian Blues Band” will perform, which has played in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Egypt and many other countries, including the most significant blues festivals and music clubs in Chicago! “Latvian Blues Band” is also well known to the Lithuanian audience, having held their blues performances many times, the last time they appeared at the pre-pandemic festival near Lūkstas in Varniai, in 2019, they will return to it for an exceptionally energetic concert!
This year at the festival we will also have a performance by the mature and original sound collective “Sirupas”! In their work, various musical stylistics and lyrics with light depth are intertwined, and the music style itself is like a puzzle consisting of a mixture of funk, rock, blues, jazz and reggae. The group’s songs reach both the most mature and their grandchildren! Just like the “Blues Nights” festival, where whole generations meet and find a place!
“We are looking forward to a special festival in a special place!” Although its frequent visitors travel almost all over Lithuania before the blues, many of them return here every year, because apparently it is worth having such a deep tradition, namely to welcome the summer festival season at Blues Nights!, – says the producer of the festival, Algirdas Barniškis – Blėka.
So on July 7-8, in Varniai, near Lūksto, you should not forget your wallet, tent and of course the best mood, and the sounds of live music will surely be taken care of!